About Us

We are very passionate about Early Childhood Education and giving children every advantage to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. We make learning fun, engaging, and hands-on! Our learning materials focus on teaching children ALL of the skills and concepts they need to know before kindergarten.

As educators we know that every child learns differently. There is no “one size fits all” for education. We celebrate children’s unique abilities by making our learning materials adaptable to fit children’s personal needs. Children are taught through modeling, teacher-guided activities, and independent activities.

Why Pre-K Complete?

Benefits Teachers: We understand that your time is valuable. We have done all of the research, planning, and preparation for you to ensure our learning materials target the key skills and concepts children need to know before kindergarten. All you need to do is simply implement our materials into your classroom.

  • Complete Literacy Program and Math Program: No more spending hours agonizing over the perfect lesson plans to teach – we have done the work for you! This gives you extra time to focus on teaching and to address each child’s individual needs.
  • Learning Materials for all Subjectswe offer complete programs for literacy and math, as well as supplemental material.
  • Clear and concise instructions and guidelines to help you easily use our complete programs, individual hands-on activities, and worksheets.

Benefits Children: Children learn key objectives for developmental skills and concepts to cultivate a solid academic foundation.

  • Our hands-on activities are designed to keep children engaged and having fun while learning key concepts.
  • Children receive personalized attention focused on their developmental level. Children begin learning with our materials at their developmental level and progress through the skills at their own pace ensuring they are mastering and retaining each concept before moving on to the next skill.
  • Children develop the following areas: Social & Emotional, Physical Development & Health, Language, Literacy, Writing, Mathematics, Science, Sensory, Technology, Social Studies, Art, and Behavior (e.g., Independence, Listening Skills, Self-Discipline, Leadership).
  • Taught with 3 learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic/hands-on). To make sure we are helping each child with their personal needs we focus on teaching using three learning styles.

Benefits Parents: Parents can easily use our learning materials at home to help prepare their child for kindergarten. Parents whose children are enrolled in a preschool or childcare using our learning materials have peace of mind knowing that their child is learning the key concepts and skills they need to be successful in kindergarten.

  • Teach Children at Home: Our fun, hands-on learning materials are perfect for helping parents teach children from home. Check out our Pre-K Complete store at Teachers Pay Teachers!
  • Peace of Mind: All parents want their child to be successful in school. They have peace of mind when their child uses our materials at home and in preschool that they are learning key concepts to prepare them for kindergarten.

Fully Aligned: Our comprehensive curriculum is fully aligned with the Common Core State Standards and Head Start Development and Early Learning Framework.


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