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Teach Children Letters and Writing with our FREE Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards

Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards

Learning letter recognition and identification is the first step to learning to read. It’s important to make it fun and hands-on to get children engaged. Our amazing Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards (get it free!) help children to learn their letters and writing. And this activity is completely FREE! WooHoo!

Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards

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Our Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards are perfect for children:

  • beginning to learn their letters
  • starting to write letters
  • who struggle to remember uppercase and lowercase letters
  • learning English

Our Alphabet Tracing Cards are quick and easy to assemble. You have the choice to either print the cards in color or black and white. Then simply laminate the pages, cut out the cards and put on a binder ring. Or you can use the pages as is for a worksheet. We recommend laminating them for durability and to be able to reuse the activity over and over.

Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards

This activity can be used several ways depending on the level of your learner:

  1. Trace the letters with just your finger following the arrows (children will need help from an adult when learning how to follow the arrows for proper letter formation).
  2. Use a whiteboard marker to trace the letters, erase, and retrace.
  3. Use the activity as a worksheet.
  4. Your child can use all 26 of these alphabet cards each day for reinforcement, or if they are struggling to remember their letters, start with a small amount (5-10 cards), and work up to the entire alphabet.
Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards

Materials to use:

Alphabet Animal Tracing Cards

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