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Complete Preschool Literacy Program by Pre-K Complete

You will LOVE teaching children with our Complete Preschool Literacy Program with easy to follow guided lessons, hands-on activities, science projects, art projects, and more! Your children will have so much FUN while they are learning! Use our materials in school, at home, or on the go!

The prep is quick and easy!!! Simply print and insert into page protectors, print on cardstock, or print and laminate.

We know you’re busy! Creating lesson plans and learning material is time consuming. Not any more! We’ve done all of the work for you! 

Our Complete Preschool Literacy Program will help you easily and effectively teach:

  • letter recognition and identification
  • letter-sound correspondence
  • initial sound recognition and identification
  • letter writing
  • fine motor skills, and much more!

About our Complete Preschool Literacy Program

Our Literacy Program was designed to PREPARE children for kindergarten. The materials also work well for kindergarten and first grade intervention. It corresponds to Common Core RF.K.1.D, RF.K.2.D, RF.K.3.A and LK.1.A. Children identify and name upper- and lowercase letters and letter-sound correspondence, identify initial sounds, and write upper- and lowercase letters.


 Here’s what is included

1. Calendar with Daily Lessons for 26 weeks

We have scheduled all of the activities for each week in an easy-to-read calendar. This helps you stay organized and on-track for teaching. We focus on 1 letter each week, but have also included an editable excel calendar that you can change to fit your needs.

Literacy Program Calendar

2. Songs for the Classroom

One Letter Song for each letter of the alphabet, plus a bonus Circle-Time song and Clean-up Time song. These songs are a great way for children to practice identifying letters and their sounds!

Circle Time Songs

3. Teaching Instruction Packet with 26 Guided Lessons

(1 for each letter) With scripted instructions and activities. You will LOVE how easy these guided lessons are to follow. They are perfect for certified teachers, teachers assistants, and even parents to use!

4. Learning Letters Hands-on Activities Binder

This includes 6 hands-on activities for each letter. You will LOVE seeing children play with these activities for hours! Check out our Learning Letters Binder blog post here.

5. Worksheet Packet A-Z

26 uppercase worksheets and 26 lowercase worksheets – a great way to practice letter writing and fine motor skills!

6. Letter Art Book

1 project for each letter that children color, cut and glue.

Preschool Literacy Program Letter Art Book by Pre-K Complete Preschool Literacy Program Letter Art Book by Pre-K Complete

7. Science and Sensory Projects

26 total activities – 1 activity that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet. For example, the letter B corresponds to the “Blowing Up Balloons Science Experiment”.

Preschool Literacy Program Sensory Projects by Pre-K Complete

8. 2 Literacy Center Hands-on Activities

Initial Sound Picture Sort and Letter Sound Find & Match

Letter Sound Find & Match

9. 1 Writing Center Hands-on Activity

 Write and Wipe Letters

Wipe and Wipe Letters

10. Memory Cards / Flash Cards

6 cards for each letter (1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, and 4 pictures that start with the same letter).

11. BONUS Alphabet Posters

27 posters total – a $4 value FREE!

12. BONUS No Prep Worksheets!

7 packets of NO PREP, interactive worksheets for children to practice letter identification, sounds, writing, cutting practice, and fine motor skills. A $20 value FREE! Included are: Alphabet Flip Books, Dot and Trace Letters, Let’s Identify It! Letter Recognition, Letter Puzzles, Pattern It! Letters A-Z, Sort It! Letter-Sound Correspondence, and Spin and Write Letters


If you love our Complete Literacy Program, check out our Complete Math Program with Guided Lessons for teaching children numbers and shapes!  

Don't miss out on our AMAZING, FUN hands-on learning materials at our Pre-K Complete store at Teachers Pay Teachers. Prepare your child for kindergarten TODAY!

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