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Counting with Pumpkin Seeds

Counting Pumpkin Seeds

Counting with objects is always a fun way to engage students. We love to use hands-on materials whenever possible. Enter pumpkin seeds! Since pumpkins are in season and we’re doing all kinds of activities with them, time to practice counting pumpkin seeds!

This activity is simple and you probably have the materials lying around home already. We had pumpkin seeds left over from Making Real Pumpkin Seed Slime. If you haven’t made the slime yet. You have got to try it. It’s so much fun!

Counting Pumpkin Seeds

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What you’ll need for counting pumpkin seeds:

Counting Pumpkin Seeds


Step 1: Write numbers 1-20 in each cupcake liner and lay them out. You can see in our picture below that we actually separated the liners into an empty cupcake container. It works perfectly and there were a few extra spaces to hold our pumpkin seeds.

Step 2: Have your students point to each cupcake liner and say the number inside. Count the corresponding number of pumpkin seeds and place the in the cupcake liner.

Step 3: Enjoy!

Counting Pumpkin Seeds

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