Fishing for Feelings FREE Printable Activity

Fishing for Feelings

We love incorporating a Feelings Theme into our curriculum each school year. Teaching children about feelings and emotions can help them identify their own. If you have young children or you’re a teacher, you know that preschool aged children experience a lot of different emotions throughout the day. Even throughout a few minutes. It can be a whirlwind! We’ve created our Fishing for Feelings activity to help them identify and name different emotions.


Fishing for Feelings

Circle Time Discussion Before Fishing for Feelings Game

Before you start the Fishing for Feelings game, it’s great to start talking to children about their feelings and emotions. Circle Time is a great place for this! You can start by asking children what they know about feelings. What different emotions do they feel? What situations are they in when they feel those emotions?

Talk with the children even more about emotions. Come up with different situations where you show strong emotions and talk with the children about what to do in those situations. What is a bad response to have? How can you change it to a positive one?

For example, what you should do if you’re mad. Should you scream and throw things? What are some great ways to calm down? (talking to your parents or an adult, talking deep breaths, playing outside, etc.)

Fishing for Feelings

Simon Says Feelings Game

Another great way to bring emotions and feelings to life is by playing a Simon Says Feelings Game. Say an emotion and have the children pretend they are feeling that emotion. If you say sad, the children could pretend to mope and cry. If you say happy, they could smile or even laugh. You’ll be surprised at the creative ways your children will show their emotions.

Fishing for Feelings

Fishing for Feelings Free Download

We have had so much fun playing our Fishing for Feelings game! Not only has it helped the children identify feelings, but it’s helped their fine motor skills. Our classroom was filled with laughter as they fished and caught the feelings. If two people were fishing in the same bowl, hilarity ensued when their fishing pole magnets stuck together. This game is a winner!


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