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The Importance of Hands-on Pre-K Learning for Children

How Pre-K Complete uses hands-on learning activities to engage children

Did you know that using hands-on activities is one of the BEST ways for children to learn?!? Research shows that children who are taught using hands-on teaching methods do better in school than those who are not. That is why we use many different hands-on pre-k learning activities that are FUN and engaging for teaching children. Want to know our secret?

Pre-K Learning with the Letter Search and Match activity by Pre-K Complete

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We use all different tactile materials to bring learning to LIFE! We use pom poms, glass jewels, tweezers, whiteboard markers, play dough, clothespins, and more! What child doesn’t want to play and learn with these SUPER FUN materials?!

You may still be wondering what the big deal is about hands-on activities when you can just give children a worksheet.

Here is what you need to know about the importance of hands-on pre-k learning:

  • Hands-on activities (often called manipulatives) allow children to use their senses while learning. They see, touch, and move real objects to complete tasks. This means that letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and more are brought to life! Children begin to understand the meaning behind what they are doing.
  • Children get excited and engaged because they are having FUN!
  • They have a longer attention span.  This helps them to build knowledge and increase their long-term memory.
  • Children will strengthen their fine motor development and control, communication, concentration and dedication to finishing tasks, and problem solving skills.
  • Hands-on pre-k learning activities help children to build a lifelong love of learning!

Pre-K Learning with the Write and Wipe Numbers activity by Pre-K Complete

We have developed AMAZING hands-on pre-k learning activities that children LOVE! Our activities focus on teaching children the foundational skills they need to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. Some of the essential skills and concepts we focus on are order, patterns, sequencing, matching, letter and number identification, letter-sound correspondence, and so much more!

Pre-K Learning with the Rainbow Letter and Sound Match activity by Pre-K Complete

Get Hands-on Pre-K Learning Activities

Pre-K Complete provides exceptional hands-on activities that address all of the skills preschoolers need for a solid foundation. And they are easy to use in school and at home! Children get so excited about the different hands-on activities that they will request their favorites! What teacher and parent doesn’t LOVE that?!

Don't miss out on our AMAZING, FUN hands-on learning materials at our Pre-K Complete store at Teachers Pay Teachers. Prepare your child for kindergarten TODAY!

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