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Learning Letters Hands-on Activities Binder

Are you not sure exactly what literacy skills to teach your preschooler or what the best materials are to use? We’ve got you covered! Our Learning Letters Hands-on Activities Binder has 6 different hands-on activities for each letter of the alphabet! Children LOVE these activities! They have proven success in helping children learn and improve letter recognition and identification, letter-sound correspondence, and letter writing.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn. ” – Benjamin Franklin

We’re all about making learning FUN and engaging! Children have a natural curiosity for how the world works and a hunger for learning. We channel that into meaningful learning materials and opportunities to PREPARE them for kindergarten.


Here’s What is Included in our Learning Letters Hands-on Activities Binder

Our Learning Letters Hands-on Activities Binder includes 6 fun activities for each letter. The prep is so easy! Simply print the pages and insert them into page protectors in a binder. It’s that easy!

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Learning Letters Binder Hands-on Activities Binder Learning Letters Binder Hands-on Activities Binder

1. Letter Search and Match

Children have a great time finding and matching the letters using glass jewels, pom poms, bingo chips, or a whiteboard marker! Check out our Letter Search and Match blog post here.

2. Letter Mazes

Mazes are a great way to learn letter identification! This activity uses pom poms, bingo chips, pennies, whiteboard markers, or similar items. Children have a great time picking out which item they want to use to place over the letters to complete the maze!

The activities are printed double-sided to save on paper and prep time. The picture below shows how each of the activities face the child as they work on it. You can choose to leave the hands-on activities in the binder as you work on them or take the pages out. Taking the pages out while you work on them is a great way to have more than one child working on an activity as once.

Learning Letters Hands-on Activities Binder by Pre-K Complete

3. Play Dough Letter Mats

This activity is a fantastic way to build fine motor skills as children roll out play dough and place it over the bubble letters to learn letter formation. They will then trace and write the letters with a whiteboard marker. The pictures are used to reinforce letter-sound correspondence and initial sound recognition.

4. Letter Read It – Find It – Write It

Children will practice reading each letter and saying its sound, identifying upper- and lowercase letters, and letter writing.

5. Letter Write and Wipe

This activity also practices letter writing by using three different sized lines. Children tend to naturally write large letters. This activity helps children learn to write the letters smaller. It also reinforces letter-sound correspondence by having them circle the pictures that start with the focus letter.

6. Letter Check

It is always important to make sure that children understand and remember the letter you are working on before moving on to the next one. We have included this “Letter Check” activity to assess what children know before moving on. Children will read the letters and say the corresponding sound(s), write the uppercase and lowercase letter, and circle the pictures that start with that letter.


We really packed our Learning Letters Hands-on Activities Binder full of fun and engaging hands-on activities to help children learn letter identification and recognition, letter-sound correspondence, and letter writing!  It’s AMAZING to watch how quickly children build their LITERACY skills with these activities!

This binder is just a portion of our entire Complete Literacy Program. Make sure to check it out here! We think you and your preschoolers will LOVE it!

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