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Playdough Articulation Practice Speech Activity – Free Printable

Playdough Articulation Practice

Do you have enough engaging, hands-on activities to help your children practice speech? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Our Playdough Articulation Practice Activity helps children practice their letter sounds initial sounds for letters A-Z. We incorporate playdough and whiteboard markers into this activity to make it extra fun!

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Whether your child is struggling with sounds or just starting phonics, this activity is perfect for you! Children will practice saying the letter sound(s) 5 times as well as the pictures 5 times. Each time they say the sound or picture, they mark a box with playdough. It’s a great way to practice letter sounds and beginning / initial sounds!

Playdough Articulation Practice

What’s included in our Playdough Articulation Practice Activity

  • 26 letter mats
    • Each mat has 1 bubble letter to practice letter formation and letter sound(s)
    • Each mat has 6 corresponding pictures with the initial sound of the focus letter (except for x which has 3)

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Playdough Articulation Practice

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